Koh Larn island – A fantastic trip to this beautiful island

A trip to Koh Larn near Pattaya, along the East Coast

Koh Larn beach near Pattaya ThailandKoh Larn, A trip to an island near, Pattaya was next on our agenda. Living in Korat, Nakhon Ratchasima is great, but it is nice to also get away now and then. Especially with Pattaya only a few hours drive from the center of Korat.
So, I prepared a short list. Bangkok, Phitsanulok, Nakhon Si Thammaratt, Phuket, Koh Samui, Had Yai, Korat, and a couple of others. She asked me if I had actually ever been to Koh Larn. I right away suggested to her to go the next day. The next morning we grabbed some breakfast and travelled down to Pattaya. It was an easy drive and we were excited about our planned day trip for the next day.

Let’s go to Koh Larn

We only needed to wait about 15 minutes and were accompanied to a meeting point near Beach Road. It was within strolling range and we didn’t take long. A couple of more folks joined us and about 10 minutes later, we were heading for the beach of Koh Larn.

Arriving at Koh Larn island, we jumped onto a
long boat that was waiting on us. It was very narrow, and was at times quite difficult to board. Once we were all on board the narrow boat we were taken inland to the island shores. The water was a bit murky in places and you could see the rocks on the ocean floor. Given that this little journey was impromptu, my lady didn’t have any proper beach outfit So, I got her a bathing suit, shower cap and a pair of flip-flops– all for about 10 dollars.

We found a nice area on the beach and picked out
a number of beach chairs (50 cents for the entire day’s use) and staked out our turf. There were a couple of suppliers but they didn’t bother us much. We were shown some of the paid activities by vendors selling tickets. Strolling underwater, snorkeling, banana boat riding and a couple of others. Not pricey, but truly had absolutely nothing that I wanted other than to lounge on the beach.
Swim in the sea in Koh Larn

Love playing in the sea soaking up the sun….

So, we simply played in the water a bit and unwinded on the beach chairs for about an hour. We were served soup, fried rice, fish and a couple of other Thai meals and for some strange reason french fries. Strange because we never asked for them? There was an Indian family in our group and they had an unique meal since of their religious beliefs that looked a lot much better than ours.

After lunch we walked a bit, took a look at the memento stores and returned to our beach chairs.
Relaxed a bit, played in the water and after that it was time for a quick shower and back on the glass bottom boat for the return to Pattaya beach. The glass bottom boat took us back out to the bigger boat and we headed back to Pattaya.

Time to leave Koh Larn and say goodbye.

My lady I was with decided to use her cell phone to play some music on her FM radio. She had earphones and we each used one and listened to some soft rock while making our method back to the beach at Pattaya.

gradually made our way back. It was nice to enjoy as cooling breeze and magnificent view. A few hundred yards from coast we were when again asked to board another long, slim boat and made our way to shore. All in all, an extremely enjoyable day and the total cost for the 2 of us was 20 dollars.

Amazing day we had and it was nice to visit Koh Larn. It made a refreshing break from Korat and didn’t cost a lot of money either. If you are thinking to taking a trip down to Pattaya, I highly recommend going to Koh Larn island.


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