Korat Zoo – A family day out in Nakhon Ratchasima

Korat Zoo – it is more than just a day out!

Korat ZooKorat zoo has so much to offer its visitors. I loved zoos as a kid– a lot of animals you ‘d never see elsewhere worldwide. In college, a couple of teachers periodically called for zoos to close and animals to be released back into the wildlife, for zoos were cruel to animals … As an adult, I look at animals as they come. Some I am concerned with pity (a suffering animal in a little or dark enclosure). Oher animls with jealousy (being fed big pieces of meat to simply relax and look adorable). And those gentle adorable ones with softness (yes, I’m still a sucker for an adorable cat). Lastly, some with anticipation (sorry, chickens, however you’re tasty).

Even as zoos wind up being a mainstream fixture across the world, each one does things a little differently.

Covering an area of 218 acres, Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo is one Asia’s finest animal parks. Set in the large area, the zoo includes a number of animals from Africa. Apart from being an ideal place to study for wildlife biology. Nakhon Ratchasima Zoo is also an excellent location to unwind and enjoy natural wonders. You will find many unusual aspects to the par, such as vibrant and embellished flowers.

The zoo is the house to numerous wild animals such as tigers, giraffes, lions. There are also favourites such as elephants, zebras, rhinoceros, hedgehogs. And of course the less popular, ostriches, flamingos and a lot more. It’s grounds also plays host to a little park for the visitors’ leisure enjoyment with nature. Visitors can take directed trips of this terrific zoo by several ways.

The easiest way is to use the comfortable and safe mini-train. There are also riding bikes and golf buggies. Alternatively you could tour the zoo on foot along the shady walk methods.

The most current destination is the Day-Night Zoo, the extremely first of its kind in the Korat. Plus traveller attractions for everybody, such as the Kid Zoo, Dino Park, Plaza, Penguin and Seal display, water cycle.

The Korat Zoo Lagoon is a brand-new attraction in Nakhon Ratchasima.

Koa water park located in Korat zoo in Nakhon RatchasimaIt opened in 2009 and belongs to the Korat Zoo. When you purchase a ticket for the zoo, it immediately include your entrance at the Lagoon. Foreigners pay 100 baht and Thais 70 baht for grownup. It’s the second water park in Korat after the one at the Shopping center. There is likewise a mini-golf (Mini-putt) inside this water park but you must pay an extra cost for the mini-golf.

There is only ONE huge water slide and you can see it in the back of that photo. 3 small water slides are in yellow, blue and red left wing. The primary attraction is more the lagoon, a kind of river surrounding the park, with about 90 cm water, where individuals play and swim turning around.

This is the lagoon.

Going to the zoo and spending couple of hours at the lagoon is an excellent activity for a household. This water park is mainly for children.

For those who enjoy a day out at the zoo, Korat zoo really is a great place to visit. As mentioned earlier, if you go early in the day. By the time it’s lunchtime you can relax in the lagoon. Thge kids play in the water park, you sit back and relax. Maybe this is why Korat zoo is a firm favourite with those who visit or live in Nakhon Ratchasima.

If after a long day at the zoo, you need a place to relax and unwind. Have a look at where to eat and drink in Korat.

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